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Help on how to use the database

How do I find what I’m looking for?

Click on Events in the menu on the left to browse through the nature experience and environmental education events entered in our database. In doing so, you can use different search criteria, e.g.

  • Events in a certain area
  • Events in a certain timeframe
  • Events on certain topics

Do you want to search for events in a certain area, then the best way to proceed is to enter in the field "Postcode:" the first digits of the town located in the area of your search. If you are looking for a definite location you can enter the whole postcode, or the name of the location in the field "Location".

If you are looking for an event in a certain timeframe (e.g. August 2007), then enter the date details in the fields "Date from:" and "to:" e.g. "01.08.2007" and "31.08.2007".

If you are looking for events on certain topics, habitats, species or also events using specific communication methods or activities, then tick the appropriate box or boxes with a click of the mouse.

You can, of course, combine all search criteria by, for example, entering a postcode, timeframe and certain topics.

If to begin with you just want information on which organisers are operating in an area, for example, or which organisers offer certain topics, then click on Organisers in the menu on the left and enter your specific requirements.

If you just want an overview of the available organisers and events, then omit all search criteria and just click of “Start search".

You can also read the help that appears when you move the mouse over the question mark!


How can I make an entry?

As organiser of events in the nature experience and environmental education sector you can enter here free of charge and without further obligations

  • Information about yourself as organiser and
  • different concrete events you are providing.

To do this you first must register. Click at the top on "register" and enter your name, e-mail address as well as a user name of your choice. You will then be sent an e- mail with a password to go with your user name.

To enter data you must log in with your user name and password. Then you can click on “my entry” that appears in the menu on the left and input information about yourself as operator. Remember to click on “save changes” to submit this data to our database.

AAt the end of these input fields you have the opportunity to enter as many events as you like. Click on “enter new event”. The input fields that then appear have been completed in part for your convenience, using your organiser information data.

When making an entry for the first time you can also read the help that appears when you move the mouse over the question mark!

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